Policy Advocacy

Expanding pathways for student parents

The Alliance’s work is guided by an equity-centered policy agenda, shaping our efforts to elevate and address the barriers faced by student parents. We champion policies focused on the following five core priorities:

Our commitment to student parents begins with recognizing that college affordability is one of the largest barriers they face. We advocate for increased financial aid that aligns with the true costs of higher education for student parents. By addressing these economic challenges, we empower student parents to pursue their educational goals with the support they need.

Access to quality and affordable child care is fundamental for student parent success. Our work focuses on ensuring that there are enough high-quality, affordable child care options to meet student parents’ needs. By championing this priority, we ensure that parenting responsibilities do not hinder educational and career aspirations, and that children are in high-quality learning environments that nurture their potential.

Housing accounts for 43% of UC, 57% of CSU, and 68% of CCC students’ cost of attendance. We focus on championing policies that not only alleviate the financial burden of securing housing but also ensure that options are thoughtfully designed to accommodate the unique needs of student parents and their children.

Colleges must adapt to the diverse needs of today’s students population, including those with parenting responsibilities. We drive change by advocating for family-serving institutional policies and practices that authentically acknowledge and address the unique barriers faced by student parents. Through fostering inclusivity, our goal is to transform academic institutions into environments where student parents  thrive academically and feel genuinely supported.

Informed decision-making is pivotal for enhancing the well-being and success of student parents and their families. However, because limited data exist on student parents, their needs tend to be overlooked. Our policy agenda underscores the significance of collecting and effectively utilizing data on the pathways of student parents. By encouraging comprehensive data strategies, we empower institutions and policymakers to tailor their efforts with precision.