Empowering Parenting Students in California Community Colleges Community of Practice Webinar


To empower bright futures for all Californians, The Alliance suggests beginning with California Community Colleges (CCCs), where nearly one in five students are parenting. By strengthening the institutional policies and practices at CCCs, we hold the potential to support the system’s parenting students and facilitate a path to higher education attainment for 3.9 million Californians who have children but no college degree. 

On May 15th, we introduced our new Community of Practice (CoP) Initiative designed to empower parenting students, particularly single mothers, within the California Community College system. Attendees learned about the benefits, goals, and selection criteria of the CoP, which are rooted in increasing degree attainment and the comprehensive well-being of parenting students. 

View the recording to discover how community colleges in California can collaborate with The Alliance to shift their campus policies and practices for parenting students.

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