Empowering Parenting Students in California Community Colleges Community of Practice Webinar

Presentations /May 17, 2024 To empower bright futures for all Californians, The Alliance suggests beginning with California Community Colleges (CCCs), where nearly one in five students are parenting. By strengthening the institutional policies and practices at CCCs, we hold the potential to support the system’s parenting students and facilitate a path to higher education attainment […]

Public Benefit Finder for California Students

/February 16, 2024 Public benefits can help make college affordable. We know college expenses can pile up fast, from tuition to rent and groceries. But, numerous public benefit programs, such as student financial aid, cash aid, and food assistance, can help students lighten the load. Use the Public Benefit Finder for California Students to identify […]

Student Housing Spotlights: Call for Affordable Housing for Student Parents and Families

Policy /March 16, 2024 Recognizing the crucial role of affordable housing for student success, the governor and legislature established the Higher Education Student Housing Grant Program (HESHG) in 2021 with the aim to address the housing needs of current and prospective students across the state. Once occupied, these project will provide affordable hosing for more than 11,200 […]

The Family Friendly Campus Toolkit

The Pregnant Scholar AB 2881 Implementation Fact Sheet & Tools

This fact sheet and tools support campus administrators, faculty, and student parent leaders in implementing AB 2881 on their campuses. It provides basic information, examples of legal compliance and gold standard support, sample language for the parent website, communication tools, and contact information.

Institutional Changes to Ease the Path for Student Parents