Research & Analysis

Closing information gaps to inform smart policies

Through The Alliance’s research agenda, guided by The Alliance’s policy agenda and member input, we work to understand, articulate, and address the challenges faced by student parents in their educational and career journeys. Our research initiatives and policy analysis pave the way for informed and equitable policies that help shape a future where every student parent has the opportunity to thrive.

Coming soon!

We’re finalizing a few research publications that will increase understanding of the challenges faced by student parents and inform decision-making on policies and practices for supporting student parents. Stay tuned!

We’ll investigate ways to strengthen financial aid to cover student parents’ true college costs. Details coming in 2024.

With the prevalence of parents pursuing higher education, understanding the landscape of child care services on and off campus and their impact on student parents’ academic success and well-being is crucial. Details coming in 2024.

Research & Resources:
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We’ll work to increase understanding of the housing challenges faced by student parents and evaluating the efficacy of current solutions. Details coming in 2024.

Our research will work to inform strategies that enhance higher education institutions’ capacity to effectively support student parents and foster an environment conducive to their academic success and overall well-being. Details coming in 2024.

We’ll work to examine how to equitably define student parents and strengthen data collection practices to improve their educational experience, well-being and success. Details
coming in 2024.